Sweden has inked a deal with MBDA to acquire Common Anti-air Modular Missiles (CAMMs) to bolster its naval capabilities. 

The contract, signed with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration FMV, marks a step in Sweden’s commitment to advancing its air defence capabilities, utilising MBDA’s technology.

MBDA, a defence contractor, has clinched a contract with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration FMV to supply CAMMs for the Royal Swedish Navy’s Visby Class corvettes. These missiles will be deployed using MBDA’s Sea Ceptor naval air defence system, a latest-generation technology designed to counter a spectrum of threats, from supersonic anti-ship missiles to unmanned air vehicles.

Eric Beranger, CEO of MBDA, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “CAMM will provide Sweden and the Royal Swedish Navy with a formidable air defence capability that gives the country a strong new contribution to NATO.” 

He highlighted the importance of this partnership in contributing to NATO’s collective defence efforts, emphasising the collaboration with other Sea Ceptor users, such as the Royal Navy from the United Kingdom.

This collaboration solidifies MBDA’s partnership with Sweden, exemplified by joint initiatives like the Meteor missile programme and joint projects with Saab, a player in the Swedish defence industry. The Sea Ceptor system’s versatility label is from its ability to defend against simultaneous attacks, including saturation attacks, across the entire 360° threat axis.

MBDA Holdings SAS is anticipated to account for the highest revenue of $55.3bn over 2023–33 in the European MMDS market, according to GlobalData’s “The Global Missiles & Missile Defense Systems Market 2023-2033” report.

Sweden joins an international roster of nations choosing the CAMM family for advanced naval and ground-based air defence. Recent orders from PolandSaudi Arabia, the UK, and others highlight the global recognition of CAMM’s capabilities. 

The contract enhances Sweden’s defence capabilities and strengthens the collaborative efforts between MBDA and the Swedish industry to advance defence solutions.

Recently, MBDA sealed a £4bn deal with Polish defence company PGZ. The contract, part of the Narew air defence programme for the Polish Armed Forces, involves transferring knowledge and key technologies to PGZ. The Narew system, featuring MBDA’s CAMM-ER missiles, will deploy over 1,000 extended-range missiles and 100+ launchers, providing Poland with an advanced mobile air defence shield.