The Russian Navy’s third Admiral Gorshkov-class or Project 22350 guided missile cruiser, named Admiral Golovko, has started the second phase of its factory sea trials.

This was announced by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) of the Russian Federation on 26 December.

The trials will be conducted at the Russian Navy’s test site in the Baltic Sea.

This phase of trials will involve detailed inspection of the weapon systems of the frigate.

The tests are being conducted to assess and validate the operational performance of artillery, radio weapons, anti-aircraft missile weapon systems and their control systems as well as the ship’s communication equipment.

All the tests will be under continuous observation and monitoring of the control center of the Russian Navy’s Main Command.

The gathered reports will be shared with the Russian Navy’s commander-in-chief admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

Admiral Golovko has already completed the first phase of factory trials at shipbuilding company Severnaya Verf’s shipyard between late November and early December.

The tests were executed by the factory acceptance and delivery team in coordination with the crew members of Admiral Golovko.

The ship performed a series of maneuvers, which allowed the associated team members to test and validate the characteristics and operational performance of the new vessel.

During the initial tests, which lasted for around two weeks, the performance of the third Project 22350 vessel’s onboard systems was assessed and inspected.

Furthermore, the operability of different components, mechanisms and systems were also examined.

The MoD informed that the team also paid specific attention to the navigation complex and main power plant of the frigate.

Equipped with modern sea-based missile weapons, Admiral Golovko serves as part of the Russian Navy’s northern fleet of missile ships.