The British Royal Navy has announced that Royal Marines specialists are taking part in ‘discrete’ reconnaissance training in the Arctic Circle.

The exercises are being undertaken by a small team from the Surveillance Reconnaissance Squadron of 30 Commando Information Exploitation Group.

The technical reconnaissance mission was conducted on the shores of an Arctic fjord.

The Shore Reconnaissance Team (SRT) conducted an area survey to set up a beachhead to securely allow the amphibious forces to land and access hostile coastlines and move forward to attack the enemy.

SRT is one of the technical trades within the Surveillance Reconnaissance Squadron.

The specialist team is required to operate in temperatures ranging in and around -30°C.

According to the Royal Navy, the exercises ensure the specialist team are mission ready even in the region’s extreme environment conditions.

Royal Navy sergeant Alan Billot said: “The conditions we face in the Arctic are challenging, so training here gives us confidence that we can operate anywhere in the world.

“Our equipment and capability improves as technology advances. We are constantly testing and adjusting to ensure that we are able to maintain pace with technological change.

“The latest kit that we have just procured has transformed the level of information that we can provide.”

Last month, the Royal Marines from 45 Commando and specialist units from around 3 Commando Brigade were all set to begin their 2021 winter deployment.

In May last year, the Royal Navy joined US forces to practise training in the icy waters of the Arctic to ensure that the armed forces are prepared for future global threats.