The Royal Navy has joined US forces to practise training in the icy waters of the Arctic to ensure that the armed forces are prepared for future global threats.

HMS Kent joined two American destroyers, a nuclear submarine, support ship and long-range maritime patrol aircraft above the Arctic Circle for the training.

During the exercise, the navies of the two countries will undergo training in challenging environmental conditions.

HMS Kent has linked up with Arleigh Burke-class destroyers USS Donald Cook and USS Porter, combat support ship USNS Supply, an American P8-A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft, and a US nuclear-powered submarine for the exercise.

The key training will see the participation of more than 1,200 military personnel from the two nations.

HMS Kent commanding officer Commander Matt Sykes said: “Conducting an exercise in the Arctic Circle is a new challenge for the ship’s company whose dedication and professionalism in preparing for this exercise have been impressive.

“The challenges of working in this extreme environment should not be underestimated, but HMS Kent’s presence here continues to demonstrate the UK’s commitment to the north Atlantic and high north.”

The two participating countries are committed to ensuring no nation dominates the Arctic region.

A few weeks ago, Anglo-US anti-submarine warfare training was conducted in the UK waters. During this training, the allies linked up to help train future boat commanders undertaking the Royal Navy’s Submarine Command Course, also known as Perisher.