The Royal Australian Navy’s (Ran) Anzac-class frigate, HMAS Parramatta, has entered dry dock to undergo a maintenance programme.

Following the maintenance period at Captain Cook Graving Dock, Sydney, the vessel will be ready for its next phase of deployments with improved crew internet connectivity and other services.

The maintenance package focuses on the ship’s systems and propulsion plant.

The vessel will also be installed with a ‘Quality of Life’ system aimed at improving communications while at sea.

In addition, the ship will receive a re-painted hull and super-structure.

The vessel will undergo a full work-up process and is expected to resume operations next year.

Parramatta commanding officer commander Anita Nemarich said: “Drydock Selected Restricted Availability (DSRA10) is an important maintenance period for Parramatta as it will ensure she remains seaworthy for her next two significant deployments prior to undergoing the FFH Air Mobility Capability Assurance Package upgrade in 2022.

“DSRA10 will see the installation of the new ‘Quality of Life’ system, which will provide much-improved internet connectivity when at sea.

“This will allow the crew to connect with their families more easily when deployed.”

HMAS Parramatta recently returned to Sydney following a one-year operational deployment for the Duke of Gloucester’s Cup.

Earlier this year, the 118m-long vessel undertook a three-month Asia deployment with partner navies in the region.

During the mission, the vessel sailed approximately 24,000nm to strengthen interoperability.

In January this year, RAN sailors on board HMAS Parramatta used 3D printing to support the fleet when deployed, using the new technology to replace key components.