The Royal Australian Navy sailors on board HMAS Parramatta have used 3D printing to support the fleet when deployed, using the new technology to replace key components.

The Innovation Unit of HMAS Parramatta demonstrated its capability during the recent East Asia Deployment of the ship using 3D printing.

Royal Australian Navy sailor Petty Officer Electronics Technician Nathan Little said that significant innovations have already improved capability onboard HMAS Parramatta.

Little said: “Our 3D printing workshop was very successful during our deployment, producing three practical and real-world solutions and returning capability back to our command.

“We worked closely with other areas of the ship to identify issues and find real-world solutions. We were able to replicate faulty parts and return full functionality, which is a great success for the team.”

Innovation Unit’s ideas can become the new standards and can be used across platforms in the future.

Leading Seaman Electronic Technician Duncan O’Brien, who was awarded a Commanding Officer’s Commendation for his initiative in developing his skillset, said: “What’s even better is that my new skills now directly benefit my ship and the whole team on board.

“I am looking forward to creating more positive impact and results.”

Last October, the Royal Australian Navy announced the deployment of the Anzac-class frigate HMAS Parramatta to support the international coalition in the enforcement of sanctions against North Korea. HMAS Parramatta will be part of a broader East Asian deployment to ensure regional security and stability on the Korean Peninsula.