A PowerBuoy used to harness the power of waves has been successfully deployed by Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) at the US Marine Corps base at Kaneohe Bay on the island of Oahu.

The deployment and operation of the PowerBuoy as part of the US Navy programme demonstrates the potential of wave power to reduce fossil fuel consumption at navy and marine bases around the world.

Based on modular ocean-going buoys the newly deployed PowerBuoy is located approximately one mile offshore in 100ft of water to capture and convert wave energy into electricity, which is transmitted to land via a subsea cable.

The system will generate power in accordance with its specifications for local wave conditions and the test protocol being used.

In addition, the company has been awarded additional funding of $380,000 for continued testing and monitoring of the PowerBuoy’s operation.

Data collected from the 40kW device in Hawaii will also be used to engineer OPT’s next-generation 150kW utility-scale device, planned to be tested at Orkney in Scotland in 2011.