The Kazakh Navy is expected to purchase new high-speed patrol killer guided-missile (PKG) vessels from South Korea.

Kazakhstan’s navy chief Zhanzakov Zhandarbek will discuss the proposed sale in detail during his five-day visit to Korea, according to The Korea Herald.

South Korea exported three retired Chamsuri Class patrol ships to Kazakhstan in March 2006.

At present, the Kazakh Navy intends to acquire the latest Yoon Young-ha Class patrol boats, which were decommissioned in December 2009.

The 440t Yoon Young-ha Class PKG vessel is the first patrol ship equipped with an integrated combat system and will gradually replace the Kazakh Navy’s Chamsuri ships.

The PKG vessels can simultaneously detect up to 100 aerial and surface targets and also engage multiple targets.

The Yoon Young-ha Class vessels were named after Lieutenant Commander Yoon Young-ha, who was killed in a 2002 naval clash with North Korea in the West Sea.