The Republic of Korea (ROK) has secured approval from the United States for a $350m deal encompassing engines and sustainment for MH-60R multi-mission helicopters.

The US State Department’s green signal for the foreign military sale underscores the growing partnership between the two nations in safeguarding the Indo-Pacific region’s stability.

The proposed sale includes six T-700 GE 401C or 401D engines, spare engine containers, repair parts, ferry support, and technical documentation. Moreover, the package includes personnel training, logistics support services, and other related elements for maintaining operational readiness. 

The acquisition is poised to enhance the ROK’s anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare capabilities, enabling it to conduct missions ranging from vertical replenishment to search and rescue operations.

Another South Korean aircraft engine deal from February 2024 involved Pratt & Whitney securing a $355m deal with South Korea for F100 engine performance-based logistics sustainment for the Republic of Korea Air Force’s F-15 Eagles and F-16 Fighting Falcons. 

The principal contractor for this endeavour is the General Electric Company, headquartered in Lynn, MA. 

Implementation of the proposed sale will entail temporary visits by eight US Government and four contractor personnel to provide technical oversight, training, and maintenance support. 

While the description and dollar value provided are based on initial requirements, the actual cost is anticipated to be lower, contingent upon finalised requirements and budget allocations. The sale further cements the two countries shared commitment to regional security and stability.

In other recent MH-60R Seahawk helicopter developments, the Royal Australian Navy received 12 helicopters, and Spain’s Armada has contracted for eight MH-60Rs. Similarly, Norway has chosen six MH-60Rs, following issues with previous helicopter procurements. Meanwhile, Greece prepares to welcome three MH-60Rs after successful flight tests.