Navantia has proposed to offer four new vessels for the Hellenic Navy based on F110-class multi-mission frigate design and upgrade the in-service Hydra-class warships.

Also referred to as Bonifaz class, the F110-class frigates are being developed by the company for the Spanish Navy. The vessels will be built at Navantia’s Ferrol shipyard in Spain.

The F-110 consists of advanced naval technologies and will feature full interoperability with European and US systems, latest-generation weapons, as well as the use of a ‘digital twin’.

The digital twin feature of the frigate allows operational simulation and evaluation.

Navantia executive chairman Ricardo Domínguez said: “It is with great pride that we offer to Greece our most advanced frigate, the F-110, that represents a technological leap forward in capabilities that has already drawn international interest.”

The company will collaborate with the Greek shipbuilding industry to enhance the network of technology developers, engineering firms, industrial process contractors and suppliers of equipment and materials.

As a key part of the programme, Navantia presented a technology and capabilities transfer (ToT) plan to ‘revitalise’ shipbuilding capability in Greece.

The ToT plan involves industrial relationships and partnerships with universities and ‘centres of excellence for innovation and workforce development’.

On 9 June, Navantia will launch an Industry Day portal to engage local industrial players of Greece.

Navantia Commercial and Business Development vice-president Javier Herrador said: “Navantia has a broad experience in the transfer of technology and capabilities building with partner countries, as we already proved in Australia, Norway and, more recently, Saudi Arabia.

“Our track record in this field and our willingness to partner with the Greek industry add significant value to our proposal.”

Recently, Naval Group offered four Frégate de défense et d’intervention (FDI) vessels for the Greek Navy.

In March this year, Dutch shipbuilder Damen proposed its new SIGMA 11515 frigate.