The FDI HN vessels will be equipped with up to 32 Aster missiles or a combination of Aster and MICA NG missiles, as well as 21 RAM and eight Exocet missiles, MU 90 lightweight torpedoes and a 76mm main gun.

The first new frigate would be delivered in 2025 with the following three built in Greek shipyards.

The French offer includes a gap-filler of two 2 anti-air warfare (AAW) and anti-submarine Warfare (ASW) frigates that are currently serving with the French Marine Nationale that would be delivered by 2022.

Naval Group said construction of the first Frigate in France would ensure operation by Greece within ‘the shortest timeframe’ and secure the transfer of technology allowing for the construction of the next three ships in Greece.

Naval Group’s industry team includes MBDA and Thales, and the company has identified 70 Greek companies that could provide industrial participation.

Thales and Naval Group if successful would work together to upgrade Greece’s MEKO Frigates in country.

Naval Group said: “Over the last decades, Naval Group has developed a robust expertise and conducted successful programs with extensive tranfers of production of surface ships or submarines within its international partners’ facilities, such as in Singapore, India, Brazil or Egypt.

“Based on this unmatched and risk-free Transfer of Technology approach, Naval Group offers a secure co-production of three (3) FDI HN frigates in Greece, by a major Greek shipyard and with a large involvement of the Hellenic Industrial ecosystem.”