L3Harris Technologies announced on 17 May, that it has received orders worth $160m from the US Marine Corps for Falcon IV multi-channel handheld and vehicular radio systems.

This development has brought the total programme orders to $336 million.

The two new orders from the Marine Corps are covered under a 10-year, $750m indeterminate delivery, indefinite quantity contract for L3Harris Falcon IV manpack and portable radios.

The L3Harris Falcon IV AN/PRC-163 MCHH radios are software defined and designed to provide secure and resilient communications capabilities. The radios’ advanced technology facilitates enhanced interoperability between American and allied military forces.

According to Chris Aebli, the President of Tactical Communications at L3Harris, the reliable communication provided by their battle-tested radios and secure waveforms enables Marines to communicate with each other with certainty and at accelerated speeds. “These radios are the most advanced systems industry can put into the hands of our warfighters, delivering enhanced capabilities to address evolving threats.”

The software-defined multi-channel AN/PRC-163 portable radios from L3Harris integrate voice and data communications, network routing, and gateway capabilities to provide marines real-time situational awareness of the battle-space so they can make informed judgements.

The most recent Marine Corps pledges come after the US Army placed two Falcon IV orders for a combined $235m last year.