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Andrew Salerno-Garthwaite

Lacking ‘clarity or purpose’, UK’s strategic policy receives heavy criticism from the House of Lords

The House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee found a ‘strategic vacuum’ in government policy on China, and questions the UK Minister of Defence for his remarks supporting the reunification of China and Taiwan.

Intruder defence ‘passive listening’ saves lives in seabed warfare

Intruder detection systems in defensive and expeditionary missions are tracking threats as small as a diver along the seabed.

Indo-Pacific wave of defence trade for Malaysia and South Korea

As Malaysia’s military modernises and South Korea redefines itself as a net arms exporter, the rising tide of defence spending continues across the Indo-Pacific.

Seabed warfare is a ‘real and present threat’

Seabed warfare has moved on from hydrography and mine clearance as the sea floor infrastructure has exploded in scale.

Predictive maintenance in US military needs action: GAO

Predictive maintenance keeps more platforms combat ready, but the GAO has found the services to be lagging on this 20 year old policy.

US won’t let China take Taiwan chip-makers ‘intact’

While speculation continues over the fate of Taiwan’s semiconductor factories in the event of an invasion by Beijing, US Ambassador O’Brien emphasises the importance of denying China the chipmaking infrastructure.

Former MoD climate change director calls for ice-strengthened warships

Disruptive climate change ice flows will give the Royal Navy a narrower window of activity than its peers in the Arctic.

Environmental pressures are reshaping the defence industry

The electrification of defence platforms is underpinning a global shift in environmental policy for defence.

Fincantieri display PPA Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Vessel at Euronaval

The modular design of Fincantieri’s PPA Multipurpose Offshore Patrol exhibited a broad range of capabilities.

BAE Systems centres Adaptable Strike Frigate on autonomous systems

The concept is designed around a core of autonomous systems and modular architecture to enable rapid re-rolling.