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The number of aerospace and defence jobs posted in the week of 10 July was the lowest recorded in the quarter from 10 April, at just 269, compared to a high point of 17,101 in the week of 15 May. During the week of 10 July, the number of jobs closed 11,691, with 149,515 active in the segment.

The figures showcase a short-term trend of more jobs being closed than posted in the sector. More than twice as many jobs were closed in the week of 3 July compared to those posted, totalling 19,973 and 9,000 respectively, with the sector listing a combined 160,937 roles active across the sectors.

Source: GlobalData

When compared to the first full week of June, the total in the week of 5 June was inverted as more posts were posted than closed, at 13,423 and 7,171 respectively. Across all the jobs data in the recorded aerospace and defence segments, a total of 165,076 jobs were active.

Jobs listing data from the week of 26 June shows that there we 171,970 jobs active across the aerospace and defence sector, with 15,523 posted and 11,496 closed. The figures show a two-week trend in declining active aerospace and defence jobs listings.