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Richard Thomas

Royal Navy embraces the metaverse in Project Selborne submarine training

The VR training solution to be provided will be able to be scaled as required and reconfigured to replicate different classes of submarine.

Discovering what lies beneath: subsea IoT

Acoustics communications is fundamentally limited by how acoustic rays propagate in varying waters with temperature and salinity gradients acting to bend and distort signals.

USS Canberra already commissioned in US Navy service, Sydney event ceremonial

With its Pacific pivot, the US has placed a renewed emphasis of its relations with allies in the region, none more so than Australia.

US-led CMF creates new maritime training force in Middle East

A key threat identified by the US and UK forces operating in the region is that of Iran.

Patrol frigate no more, the Type 31 goes full (surface) spectrum

Originally designed as global patrol frigates, the Type 31 has evolved into a platform capable of conducting the full range of surface attack capabilities.

New Dutch logistics vessel in the water

The HNLMS Den Helder is being developed at a cost of around €375m, using Dutch shipbuilder Damen’s facilities in Romania.

What fate awaits UK Wave-class fast fleet tankers?

RFA Wave Ruler and Wave Knight are currently being held in extended readiness, although there is little prospect for a return to service.

UK carrier has spent a third of active life undergoing repairs

HMS Prince of Wales, the second of the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers, has suffered from two major incidents requiring repairs since commissioning.

Zelenskyy flies into the UK as Euro tour continues

The UK has been one of the most significant allies of Ukraine from even before Russia’s large-scale invasion in February 2022.

SEA support for UK Royal Navy warships

UK naval vessels will receive support for their Combat System Highway network, which enables data sharing between platform elements.