To enhance regional security, the US State Department agreed a $129m sale of advanced patrol craft kits to Egypt. 

The deal, led by Louisiana-based Swiftships, emphasises maritime defence and supports Egypt’s role as a vital stabilising force in the Middle East.

The US State Department’s recent approval of a potential $129m foreign military sale to the Egyptian government marks a step in reinforcing the country’s maritime defence capabilities. The proposed sale includes 28-meter patrol craft kits comprising rigid hull inflatable boats, forward-looking infrared systems, computer packages, spare parts, and logistical support.

Egypt’s request emphasises the country’s role as a major non-NATO ally, promoting stability and economic growth in the region. The sale aims to strengthen Egypt’s internal and external defence capacities, particularly in maritime patrol and interdiction efforts in the Mediterranean and Red Sea.

The country’s coastline covers the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Suez, the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Red Sea. This vast area makes the country highly prone to maritime security threats posed by pirates, maritime terrorists, hostile neighbours, and illegal immigrants, according to GlobalData’s intelligence on the Egyptian defence market.

Swiftships, headquartered in Morgan City, LA, is set to be the principal contractor for this initiative. 

In April 2022, Swiftships secured a $22m foreign military sale contract to deliver six 28-meter-long coastal patrol craft to the Egyptian Navy. In a separate development a year later, Swiftships was also awarded a contract for seven additional 28-meter-long coastal patrol craft for the Egyptian Navy, reflecting Egypt’s growing need for such vessels.

The sale implementation will necessitate multiple trips to Egypt over approximately three years, involving US government and contractor representatives for programme management, technical reviews, training, maintenance support, and site surveys.