US-based company Swiftships has been awarded a contract for the construction and delivery of seven additional 28m-long coastal patrol craft (CPC28) for the Egyptian Navy.

The initial foreign military sales contract for six CPC28 ships was awarded in 2022, and this associated contract notification was received in January 2023.

Swiftships is also under Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) contract modification to deliver ten kits for the CPC vessels.

This DCS modification award will require Swiftships to produce an associated kit of material (KoM) in Egypt, in collaboration with the Egyptian Ship Repair and Building Company (ESRBC) and the Egyptian Navy’s Alexandria Shipyard.

This KoM will comprise Zodiac rigid inflatable boats (RIB), personal computer packages, forward-looking infrared systems (FLIRs) as well as required engineering technical data packages (TDP).

With the delivery of the newly ordered vessels and the ones currently under construction, a total of 23 new CPC28 platforms will be added to service with the Egyptian Navy by the end of 2027. This includes the three contracts signed last year and in 2023.

Swiftships claimed that the Egyptian Navy has a requirement of around 50 such vessels.

Egypt is currently under different co-production agreements with the US and other countries, including France. The country receives annual military assistance of $1.3bn from the US.

The funds are utilised for the procurement of various defence and security equipment through the FMS programme.

The company reported that it is also having discussions with the Egyptian Armaments Authority (EAA) to co-produce 35m Fast Patrol Vessels (FPV) in Egypt.