France-based ECA Group has won a contract to supply steering and diving consoles (SNDC) for South Korea Navy’s 1st submarine of JANGBOGO III- Batch II Class.

ECA delivered the equipment for the first batch of three submarines in 2016, 2018, and 2019.

The equipment is expected to be delivered by 2023, with operational tests expected to conclude by 2027.

In 2014, the South Korean Navy’s JANGBOGO III submarine project began and ECA Group was selected for the delivery of SNDC.

The company claimed that it aims to meet the Korean Navy’s operational requirements and provide best quality equipment.

After the delivery of SNDC last year, ECA GROUP was tasked with the supply of two Steering and Diving Simulators for training purposes for South Korean officers and operators.

The South Korean Navy uses SNDC simulators to train its submariners for Jangbogo III – Batch 1 Steering and Diving Consoles.

The stimulator efficiently recreates the equipment’s behaviour as in real underwater conditions.

Additionally, the stimulator helps the navy to train its maintenance crew by creating possible breakdowns.

The company has conducted Factory Acceptance Test, showing the capability of these simulators to operate precisely just as the Steering Consoles installed onboard submarines.

Last month, ECA Group secured an export contract to modernise robots dedicated to naval mine warfare.

Under the $21m (€20m) contract, lasting over 48 months, the firm will modernise the mine clearance capacities of a navy customer against sea mines.

For over five decades, ECA Group has been supplying navies  across the globe with unmanned systems for underwater mine clearance.