France-based ECA Group has secured an export contract to modernise robots dedicated to naval mine warfare.

Under the $21m (€20m) contract, lasting over 48 months, the firm will modernise the mine clearance capacities of a navy customer against sea mines.

The company claimed that the contract confirms its underwater mine clearance systems capabilities.

Many countries are becoming increasingly concerned about the growing mine threat in maritime areas.

For over five decades, ECA Group has been supplying navies all across the globe with unmanned systems for underwater mine clearance.

Last year, a contract was awarded to the company by the Belgian and Dutch navies for the renewal of their mine countermeasure capacities with innovative drone systems.

ECA Group also recently received an order to supply the Lithuanian Navy with another batch of K-STER mine disposal remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

The ROVs are used for mine countermeasure missions at sea.

In July last year, the company received a contract from the Chilean Navy to upgrade the steering consoles of the Scorpene-class submarines.

Under the Chilean Navy’s submarine maintenance programme, the company was tasked to update the supervision units and replace human-machine interfaces, such as screens, trackballs, and control handle.

In October 2018, French defense contractor Naval Group and ECA Group named their new consortium Belgium Naval & Robotics.

The consortium was created following a consultation launched by Belgium for a Belgian-Dutch cooperation for the supply of 12 mine hunters.

The partnered firms jointly set up a new project management team based in Belgium.