Raytheon Technologies’ subsidiary Collins Aerospace Systems has received a risk reduction contract for the US Navy’s E-6B recapitalisation programme (E-XX).

Under this contract, the company will develop a Very Low Frequency (VLF) communication system.

The US Navy’s E-6B fleet is part of the Airborne Command Post and Take Charge and Move Out (ABNCP/TACAMO) strategic communications mission.

The TACAMO systems provide connection between deployed naval forces and the National Command Authority at the time of missions.

Collins Aerospace will provide risk reduction engineering efforts and developmental design improvements for the upgrade of the VLF systems.

It will support the requirements of the Airborne Strategic Command, Control, and Communications Program Office (PMA-271).

The developments provided under this contract will enhance the US Navy’s security measures to counter emerging threats.

Collins Aerospace Integrated Solutions general manager and vice-president Heather Robertson said: “This sole-source award underscores the recognised technical expertise that Collins brings to the TACAMO community.

“As we are seeing the accelerated need for command, control and communication capabilities, our DoD Partners can rely on Collins to deliver ready-now, comprehensive, integrated and durable solutions.”

It is the first contract awarded under the E-XX test programme series of awards.

The contract will allow VLF systems to meet the size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) standards for installation on the C-130J-30 aircraft under initial platform testing.

The US Navy has plans to deploy C-130J aircraft to take up the role of TACAMO from the E-6B.

According to the company, the open systems approach will make the process of integrating the remaining portions of the weapon system on the platform easier.

All the related work will be carried out at the Texas, Richardson and Cedar Rapids facilities of Collins Aerospace.

Earlier, in December 2020, Collins Aerospace also completed the modernisation of the E-6B Block I aircraft for the US Navy.

The new VLF systems will be integrated into the C-130J-30 aircraft. Credit: Collins Aerospace, a Raytheon Technologies company.