Collins Aerospace Systems, a Raytheon Technologies company, has completed the modernisation of the US Navy’s E-6B Block I aircraft fleet.

The fleet is a part of the Airborne Command Post and Take Charge and Move Out (ABNCP / TACAMO) Weapon System missions of the navy.

Under the modernisation, the aircraft is complete with a new command and control battlestaff, communications central control, multi-enclave voice / data / video distribution system and an Internet Protocol Bandwidth Expansion (IPBE) digital backbone.

Mission System Integrator (MSI) is responsible for the design, development, production, installation and qualification of the recapitalisation of the mission system.

Collins Aerospace Mission Systems Integrated Solutions vice president and general manager Heather Robertson said: “The Block I contract is an example and testament to Collins Aerospace’s ability to deliver comprehensive, integrated and durable solutions to the Navy and E-6B community.

“As a result of this upgrade, crews have a modern, multi-enclave mission system that provides a full picture of their operating environment.”

Under the ABNCP mission, the aircraft acts as an airborne command post and communications relay for the nuclear forces of the country.

The E-6B will offer survivable communications link to the submarine forces for the TACAMO mission, using Collins Aerospace’s Very Low Frequency (VLF) terminal.

The company carried out the eight-year full-rate Production (FRP) effort at its co-located modification facility in Will Rogers Airport.

In November, US Naval Aviation Training System and Ranges program office (PMA-205) completed the initial hardware qualification testing of its Tactical Combat Training System Increment II (TCTS II).