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IBR Sistemi – Naval Simulation

IBR Sistemi whitepaper

IBR Sistemi is a software house that specialises in virtual reality, particularly marine simulation. IBR Sistemi has been able to develop its simulation expertise thanks to its cooperation with navies, shipyards and on-board systems manufacturers, and offers a range of simulation products designed for military and civilian maritime industry and research.

JTTS (joint tactical theatre simulation) is a next-generation advanced naval scenario simulator that allows a wide range of training scenarios and scalable software/hardware architecture, from desktop trainer to full mission bridge simulator with complete real scale mock-up.

Sea Vis is a realistic outdoors visualisation system that can perfectly reproduce the real world in order to create a lifelike experience, for maximum training efficiency.

The Sensor Effector Simulation Module is designed for complex tactical scenarios. Each entity (sensor and effector) is simulated using our custom profiles, statistical methods or connected to external third-party software engine for exceptional flexibility.

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