Twitter round-up: Naval tech trends in November 2019

Most popular tweets in naval tech in November 2019: Top ten

1. US Marine Corps’ tweet on TigerTRIUMPH exercise

The US Marine Corps tweeted on the amphibious vehicle drills carried out aboard the USS Germantown (LSD-42), during the TigerTRIUMPH exercise at the Bay of Bengal. The exercise was carried out to improve maritime relations between the two countries and to achieve more readiness and interoperability.

TigerTRIUMPH is also an opportunity for US Marine Corps and the Indian naval forces to train together and share knowledge on military and amphibious operations, including humanitarian relief programmes.

Username: U.S. Marines

Twitter handle: @USMC

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2. Tyler Rogoway’s tweet on NEMESIS electronic warfare programme

A naval tech expert, Tyler Rogoway tweeted on the US Navy’s secret mission of developing false fleets from drone swarms. The clandestine electronic warfare programme, which is being refined over the past five years, is being called the Netted Emulation of Multi-Element Signature against Integrated Sensors (NEMESIS).

The US Navy describes NEMESIS as a System of Systems (SOS), which is able to collectively co-ordinate between economic warfare systems, incapacitating many tailing systems and targeting sensors at the same time. Electronic warfare systems include a number of tactics such as jamming enemy radars and disrupting communications, among others.

Username: Tyler Rogoway

Twitter handle: @Aviation_Intel

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3. US Navy’s tweet on USS Detroit’s (LCS 7) mission to support Martillo

US Navy’s official site tweeted on the USS Detroit (LCS 7) combat ship departing from its Florida port to support Martillo, an international venture of 20 member nations to target illicit drug trafficking routes in the coastal waters of Central America. The ship is expected to engage in naval exercises and drills with partner nations, reinforcing the US 4th fleet and securing its position as a regional partner.

It is considered to be the first deployment of a Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) in the Martillo mission. Manned by approximately 90 sailors, the ship will allow the Navy to scrutinise and rotate the crew and carry out maintenance plans.

Username: U.S. Navy

Twitter handle: @USNavy

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4. H I Sutton’s tweet on technology evolution in China’s submarines

H I Sutton, a defence analyst and author, tweeted on Chinese submarine technology slowly catching up to their western counterparts. China’s submarines are already equipped with sonar and towed arrays similar to the US submarines. Further, the country is reportedly working on a new generation of submarines.

China’s nuclear-powered submarines have existed since the 1970s, but never considered better or superior to those of the US. A 2007 US Navy report, however, suggested that the early Type-093 Chinese submarines moved as stealthily and with a record 110 decibels, which is close to the required 90 decibel limit. Some of these submarines also seem to have been as quiet as the Russian Akula Class.

China is currently working on the Type-095 Tang class, while already having launched the two improved variants of Type-093 since 2007.

Username: H I Sutton

Twitter handle: @CovertShores

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5. Stars and Stripes’ tweet on detection of World War II submarine by high-tech drones

Stars and Stripes, a website covering defence and US military news, tweeted on the detection of the USS Grayback, a World War II submarine, by high-tech drones. Spotted at a depth of 1,400ft in the ocean, off the coast of Okinawa islands in Japan, the submarine had left Pearl Harbour on a combat mission but never returned.

Tim Taylor, an undersea explorer, and his team detected the submarine, as part of his ongoing mission to find World War II submarines. The expedition was carried out with the help of a privately-funded group called the Lost 52 Project.

Username: Stars and Stripes

Twitter handle: @starsandstripes

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6. The War Zone’s tweet on the first narco submarine seized off the European coast

The War Zone, a defence and war news website, tweeted on the capture of the first narco submarine off the coast of Galicia by Spanish authorities. Spain’s Guardia Civil, the national police force, took over a crew trying to flee with approximately three tonnes of cocaine.

The narco sub seems to have originated from Latin America and is currently being investigated for design and operation across the Atlantic.

Username: The War Zone

Twitter handle: @thewarzonewire

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7. The Aviationist’s tweet on SH-101A ASW lands over anti-air warfare destroyer

The Aviationist, a military and defence blog, tweeted that an Italian anti-surface/submarine helicopter crashed aboard the Caio Duilio while engaging in a training activity. All of the crew members survived. The Caio Duilio belongs to the Horizon Common New Generation Frigate (CNGF) programme that involves the construction of two naval vessels, both for the Italian and French Navy.

Username: The Aviationist

Twitter handle: @TheAviationist

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8. Naval News’ tweet on Russia’s plan to build armoured shelters for its submarines

Naval News, an online platform covering naval forces, tweeted on the Russian Navy’s plans to build armoured shelters for its submarines. All nuclear-powered cruise missile submarines (SSGNs) and nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) are expected to be protected against missiles, bombs, and even nuclear attacks.

Work on the sophisticated facility has already begun for the Pacific fleet in Vilyuchinsk. Construction of the Northern fleet near Severomorsk will begin in 2020. The shelters will also protect the submarines from adverse weather conditions.

Username: Naval News

Twitter handle: @navalnewscom

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9. SeaWaves Magazine’s tweet on Germany’s plans to build additional Type 212 submarines

SeaWaves Magazine, a naval news platform, tweeted that the German Navy will be building two additional type 212 submarines along with three others for Norway. The contract for the type 212 CD (common design) submarines will be signed in early-2020.

Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), a naval vessels and submarine specialist based in Germany, will build four units for Norway, while Germany will procure another two with the already existing six Type 212 subs. The deliveries are expected to begin in 2026.

Username: SeaWaves Magazine

Twitter handle: @seawaves_mag

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10. NavyLookout’s tweet on Russian nuclear submarine exercises

NavyLookout, an online campaign for the UK Royal Navy, tweeted on Russian submarine exercises carried out across the Atlantic raising concerns among NATO analysts. The influencer shared an article detailing Nizhny Novgorod and Pskov, known as ‘titanium destroyers’, engaging in constant war games and executing electronic launches in the Norwegian Sea.

Username: NavyLookout

Twitter handle: @NavyLookout

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