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Can Boom Technology relaunch the supersonic airliner industry?

Boom Technology says that they have identified more than 600 routes on which the supersonic airliner could be profitable.

Are uncrewed surface vehicles the future of naval combat?

Uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs) represent an interesting new development in naval warfare.

GAO: US military must reassess GPS modernisation

The US Space Force cannot maintain any more satellites for the sake of additional GPS coverage; neither can it develop M-code at a reasonable pace.

British and Norwegian navies exercise around fjords

Exercise Tamber Shield tests out the JEF partner nations’ patrol vessels in ideal Norwegian conditions.

Growing Nato’s Black Sea presence

Nato’s Maritime Command operates standing multinational groups that could serve as a template.

UK Defence after the IR23: reviewed but not refreshed

The much-awaited review document has set out notable changes to the UK’s approach to its relationships with international partners, and adversaries.

AUKUS braces for a leap in industrial efforts

Building SSNs is one of the most complex, expensive and time-consuming projects a shipyard and navy can undertake.

Boeing upgrades anti-submarine warfare capabilities of the P-8A

As the US Navy’s choice for maritime patrol and reconnaissance, the P-8A aircraft will be upgraded to support its anti-submarine capabilities.

Sweden’s Saab reports a 16% growth in net sales in Q4 2022

The aerospace and defence company recorded sales of $4.03bn (Skr42bn) in 2022, with a backlog of more than $12.27bn (Skr127.67bn).

Egypt efforts to modernise aircraft inventory to drive defence expenditure

The provision of US military funding assistance is aiding Egypt’s military modernisation transition, with spending expected to increase.