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Egypt efforts to modernise aircraft inventory to drive defence expenditure

The provision of US military funding assistance is aiding Egypt’s military modernisation transition, with spending expected to increase.

Tackling the HR challenge: how the Royal Navy is strengthening retention

Some military services are embracing digital processes and apps to help personnel with their HR needs, in a bid to retain key skills in a competitive job market.

The age of multi-domain training platforms

As military operations evolve into grey zone, cyber, and multi-domain operations, training concepts and systems too have to advance in order to prepare operators for the battlefields of the future.

Mind and matter: the application of brain computer interfaces

Augmenting a person’s cognitive ability by artificial means is becoming more science fact that science fiction, with defence personnel likely to benefit.

Going deep into the world of military diving

The margins for error when operating in the sub-surface domain are negligible, and industry has to operate within very defined margins.

Analysing the limitations of Russian EW capabilities in Ukraine

Despite Russia’s plethora of systems and capabilities, their deployment or at the very least perceived impact in Ukraine has remained relatively muted throughout the first months of the conflict.

Russian naval modernisation: A mismatch of goals and means

Russia’s submarine fleet, which accounts for over half of all naval tonnage, has received new nuclear and conventional-powered vessels.

Naval tech trends: Submarine leads Twitter mentions in Q3 2021

Naval Technology lists the top five terms tweeted on naval tech in Q3 2021, based on data from GlobalData’s Aerospace, Defense and Security (ADS) Influencer Platform.