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Naval Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps

Via Marenco 44, 15011, Acqui Terme, Italy

Pompe Garbarino S.p.A., an Italian company founded in 1932, is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal and positive displacement navy pumps, and pumps for the shipbuilding industry.

The company has two factories in Acqui Terme, a sales branch in Milan and a worldwide network of agents.

Garbarino focuses on the constant improvement of its products supported by an excellent service to customers in terms of technical consultancy and after sales service ensuring the availability of engineers on site. Spares delivery and product replacement can be guaranteed in very short time thanks to the huge capacity of the warehouse, one of the best strength’s points of the company.

Naval pump applications

Garbarino’s centrifugal and positive displacement pumps’ naval applications include seawater main cooling systems, ballast and bilge services, firefighting and general services, water circulation, A/C chilled water circulation, boiler feed, lube oil or fuel oil transfer applications, waste oil transfer, scrubber, and ballast water treatment systems.

They can be located on aircraft carriers, submarines, frigates, corvettes, mine-hunters, destroyers, patrol boats and oceanographic vessels.

Centrifugal pumps

Garbarino’s range of centrifugal pumps includes:

  • Pumps according to EN 733 standards (MU)
  • Vertical in-line (MU-L) and vertical in-line double suction  (MU-LDS) pumps
  • Vertically suspended line-shaft pumps (VS)
  • Recessed impeller torque flow pumps (MCA)
  • Multistage high-pressure pumps (G/GH)
  • Side channel pumps (BT)
  • Portable diesel engine fire pumps (MU-MPF)
  • Fire-fighting split casing naval pumps (MMI)
  • Main engine lubrication pumps (VL)
  • Self-priming pumps with open impeller (AD)

Positive displacement pumps

Gear (IN), hollow oscillating disk (P) and piston (SWL) pumps are also produced by Garbarino.

Customised shipbuilding pumps

Garbarino’s flexibility allows it to develop naval and shipbuilding pumps according to its clients’ needs and high-quality standards.

A selection of material such as cast iron, nickel-aluminium bronze (Ni-Al-Bz), stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, Hastelloy, monel or any other alloy or superalloy is available to be used depending on the customer’s specifications and the particular duties the product is required to perform.

A qualified pump-supplier

Since 1983, Garbarino operations have applied and maintained the quality assurance standards set by Nato AQAP and UNI EN 29000 directives.

The operations adopted by Garbarino and the suitability have been certified by the Italian Naval Ministry of Defence.

Presently, Garbarino is granted by Nato AQAP 2110, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications.

Pumps meet the requirements of the following standards:

  • MIL-STD 167-1 (mechanical vibrations)
  • MIL-STD 740-1 (airborne sound)
  • MIL-STD 740-2 (structure-borne vibrations)
  • MIL S 901-D (shock test)
  • Non-magnetic pump executions

A successful naval-pump supplier

Garbarino, the official supplier of the Italian Navy since 1950, also supplies for the following foreign navies:

  • French Navy
  • Spanish Navy
  • Finnish Navy
  • Royal Norwegian Navy
  • Royal Netherlands Navy
  • Belgium Navy
  • Hellenic Navy
  • Polish Navy
  • Russian Navy
  • Iraqi Navy
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy
  • Royal Navy of Oman
  • Republic of China Navy
  • Royal Thai Navy
  • Royal Malaysian Navy
  • Singapore Navy
  • Indonesian Navy
  • Algerian Navy
  • Royal Moroccan Navy
  • Libyan Navy
  • Nigerian Navy
  • South African Navy
  • Mexican Navy
  • Venezuelan Navy
  • Ecuadorian Navy
  • Peruvian Navy
  • Brazilian Navy

It also supplies for the following naval shipyards:

  • Fincantieri – Italy
  • Intermarine – Italy
  • Navantia – Spain (four submarines)
  • DCNS – France
  • STX France – France
  • Umoe Mandal Shipyard – Norway
  • Schelde Naval Shipbuilding – Holland
  • Damen Shipyard – Holland
  • Elefsis Shipyards – Greece
  • Remontowa Shipbuilding – Poland
  • Boustead Naval Shipyard – Malaysia
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries – Korea
  • ST Marine – Singapore
  • Arsenal de Marinha do Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

In the last years, the company received important orders for the Spanish Navy (four submarines built at Navantia Shipyard), the Italian Navy (frigates, patrol vessels and landing helicopter dock built at Fincantieri), the Iraqi Navy (four patrol boats built at Fincantieri), the Finnish Navy (three minehunters built at Intermarine), the Polish Navy (a minehunter built at Remontowa Shipbuilding), the Moroccan Navy (three frigates built at Schelde Naval Shipbuilding), the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy (a corvette and two patrol vessels built at Fincantieri), the Royal Netherlands Navy (a joint support ship built at Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding), the French Navy (a OPV corvette built at DCNS), the Russian Navy (two landing helicopter dock built at STX France), the Royal Oman Navy (four offshore patrol vessels built at ST Marine), the Algerian Navy (a purpose rescue vessel built at Fincantieri and two minehunter built at Intermarine), the Belgium Navy (two patrol vessels built at Socarenam), the Indonesian Navy (two frigates built at Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, a frigate and two landing craft utility built at PT Pal), the Singapore Navy (eight littoral mission vessels built at ST Marine), the Royal Malaysian Navy (six littoral combat ships built at Boustead Naval Shipyard), the Republic of China Navy (a minehunter built at Intermarine), and the Mexican Navy (a corvette built at Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding).

Mistral Class – Amphibious Assault Ships

The Mistral and Tonnerre BPC (bâtiment de projection et de commandment) ships are the French Navy's new 21,300t amphibious assault, command and power projection ships.

Tenochtitlan-Class Coastal Patrol Vessels

The Mexican Navy (Secretaria de Marina) ordered a total of ten Ténochtitlan-class patrol vessels, as of January 2016. The vessels are based on Damen Shipyards Group’s Stan Patrol 4207 design.

Damen Interceptor 1503

Damen Interceptor 1503 (DI 1503) is an ultra-high-speed vessel developed by Dutch shipbuilder Damen Shipyards Group.

Commandante Class Patrol Ships

Four Commandante Class light combatant ships were built for the Italian Navy by Fincantieri at the Riva Trigoso shipyard

Horizon Class

Italy and France each ordered two Horizon Class anti-air warfare (AAW) frigates in October 2000. The frigates are being

Garibaldi Aircraft Carrier

The flagship of the Italian Navy is the aircraft carrier MM Garibaldi, built by Fincantieri of Genoa and commissioned in

Laksamana Class Missile Corvette

In October 1995 the Malaysian Ministry of Finance signed a contract with Fincantieri for the supply of two 650t missile

Artigliere Class Light Frigates

The Artigliere class light frigates, operational with the Italian Navy, were built by Fincantieri at their Ancona and Ri

Garbarino Wins Prestigious €5m Naval Order

Garbarino won a prestigious order in the naval market for a total value of €5m: six littoral combat ships (LCS) with Boustead Naval Shipyard for the Royal Malaysian Navy.

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