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Saab offers state-of-the-art military communication and information systems. Saab develops, manufactures, installs and provides lifetime support for our naval Integrated Communication System (ICS) range, for vessels ranging from small patrol boats to large frigates, including taskforce commanders.


Naval reporting centres and deployable communication solutions are also in operation. The line of INFOCOM ICS 2000 products is designed to fulfil communication operation needs throughout the next decade.

Saab is independent of any communication equipment manufacturer and offers full integration of any type of equipment – including HF, VHF, UHF or SATCOM radios, modems and encryption devices – according to NATO or other relevant standards, allowing for very flexible and cost-efficient ICS solutions.


The ICS 2000 is an economical and flexible digital-communication system that integrates voice and data-communication equipment with user terminals. The ICS 2000 is based on the Saab failsafe digital-communication switch, DCS 2000. All connections to the DCS 2000 are by fibre-optic cables.

The ICS 2000 can be configured for single-switch operation, distributed switch architecture for survivability, and physical separation of red and black information processing.


The DCS 2000 is specially designed to handle the integration of various communication types. External communications provided include HF, VHF or UHF radio communication, satellite communication, underwater telephones, encryption equipment, and analogue and digital shore-lines.

The DCS 2000 also offers internal communications, including conference networks, direct lines (one-to-one), order circuits (one-to-many), public-address systems, alarms and telephone calls.


The voice-communication operators are provided with Wired Subscriber Station (WSS) 2000 subscriber stations, with the selection of one or two simultaneous communication lines, or the Tactical Subscriber Station (TSS) 2000, which provides split-ear operation, 14 simultaneous lines and a graphical display in one software-configurable unit. More flexible and economical solutions can also be provided.


The system configuration and set-up is provided by the Communication Management System (CMS) application software on a MS Windows® platform. This GUI is Windows® style-guide compliant, and sets new standards for user-friendly communication management.

The supplementary ACP-127 Message Handling System (MHS) application software provides an easy-to-use Windows®-based message-management system.


Saab has supplied digital ICSs with fibre-optic cables to more than 68 navy vessels, shore sites and deployable units worldwide. These ICS projects include:

  • Flexible support ships: Saab supplies internal communication, external communication, radio management (including ALE), frequency management and message-handling systems (including Automatic Repeat Request, or ARQ)
  • Fast attack craft: Saab supplies internal communication, external communication and radio management
  • Visby stealth corvettes: Saab supplies internal-communication and public-address systems, as well as an advanced radio-management system
  • Hamina fast attack craft: Saab has supplied internal communications, including telephone systems and public-address systems
  • Gun boats: Saab supplies internal communication, external communication and radio management
  • Auxiliary oilers: Saab supplies the internal-communication system, including interfacing of both the telephone system and the public-address system
  • Niels Juel class MLU: Saab has supplied internal communication, external communication, radio management and message-handling systems
  • Deployable Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) area communications: Saab, as main contractor, has supplied 10 SAM communications units, including ATM switching of voice and data communication
  • Naval and air force reporting-centres: Saab supplied complete voice-communication systems with touch-control panels and full infrastructure interfaces, covering combinations of analogue wire and digital SDH, ATM or VOIP trunk connections


Saab supplies an affordable high-quality ICS range that possesses modern technology compliant with NATO standards for secure communications. Our quality-assurance system is qualified according to AQAP 110/150 as well as ISO 9001.

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