Electric Trim and Stabilisation Systems for Naval Applications
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Electric Trim and Stabilization Systems for Naval Applications

Humphree engineers and manufactures marine stabilization systems for the naval, commercial and yachting industries.

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Humphree engineers and manufactures marine stabilization systems for the naval, commercial and yachting industries.

Humphree equipment offers high quality and reliability. Customer support and spare parts are available wherever and whenever required through our head office in Sweden or via our expanding network of local representatives around the world.

Ride control systems for marine vessels

The combination of responsive electric actuated interceptors, stabilizing fins and sophisticated Humphree Active Ride Control offers an effective ride control system for vessels of any size, operating from zero to planning speeds.

In the Humphree control panel, the system can be easily activated or deactivated with a single button press. Since the Humphree Active Ride Control system will retract the interceptors automatically when not required, there is no added hull resistance when the system is deactivated.

During navigation, ultrafast electric servo motors actuate the large stroke interceptor blades to counteract roll and pitch motions. They also control both trim and list. With a coordinated turn, the system will adjust the heel angle for safety, comfort and reduced turning radius.

Interceptor systems for naval applications

The Humphree interceptor system is the modern high-performance replacement for any other trim systems. Designed for 24/7 operation, it is a safe option for any application on marine vessels.

All Humphree systems are completely free from hydraulics. The interceptor system creates a hydrodynamic lift force by interrupting the water flow underneath the hull. That way, the interceptor creates a lift force, acting on the hull instead of the trim-device itself. With advanced controls, the system operates very fast and with high precision.

The HCS-5 system combines optimal mechanical quality with electronic control, including motion sensors and world-class brushless servo motors to provide an instant and exact response to the hull dynamics.

All units are connected with watertight cables with the servo motors protected inside the hull. HCS-5 can be easily upgraded with additional functions, interceptors and fins.

Stabilization fins for the naval industry

Humphree stabilizing fins offer state-of-the-art technology with fast-acting brushless electric servo units. Powered by a 24V DC, it offers users full comfort and runs without a genset.

The process of cutting the fin to avoid touching the hull is very simple as no lamination is required. Customers can simply cut the thin solid part of the fin to the required shape and it is ready to be installed. It is also possible to reach a higher tolerance for the modification compared to the traditional cutting / fibreglass work.

Control systems for marine vessels

The fine-tuned control options provide optimal comfort and performance, enabling the captain to concentrate on navigation. Auto-trim functionality is included in all our interceptor systems to ensure the lowest fuel consumption and impact on the environment.

We offer separate functions or full dynamics package, including automatic trim control, as well as automatic list control and coordinated turn control options.

We can also deliver two packages – ACTIVE Stabilization (auto-trim, auto-list and stabilization) and ACTIVE+ Stabilization (auto-trim, auto-list, coordinated turn and stabilization).

About Humphree

The company was founded by hydrodynamic and marine engineers involved in high-speed marine propulsion and ship hydrodynamics fields since the early 1990s.

Humphree was established in Sweden in 2002 with the mission to provide and develop innovative products and services to the market. We use our expertise in hydrodynamics, electronics and digital control to manufacture products that are easy to use and install.

Combat Boat 90 (CB90), Sweden

Combat Boat 90 (CB90) has been delivered to the naval forces of Sweden, Norway, the US, Greece, Mexico and Malaysia.

SHALDAG-Class Fast Patrol Boat

The SHALDAG-Class fast patrol boats (FPBs) are built by Israel Shipyards Limited (ISL) to meet the challenging coastal security requirements of navies across the globe.

MNI 15 Patrol Boat

The MNI 15 (Mezzo Navale Interforze - Interforce Naval Vessel 15) is a new range of patrol boats offered by Baglietto Navy.

Metal Shark PB-X Patrol Boat

PB-X is a patrol boat designed by US-based shipbuilder Metal Shark Boats. Capable of operating both during the day and at night in all weather conditions, the PB-X is intended to conduct patrol, maritime security, force protection missions in green water littoral zones such as coastal environments, major rivers, bays, ports, and harbours.

FSD195 Fast Patrol Vessel

The FSD195 fast patrol vessel (FPV) was designed and built by Italian shipbuilder Ferretti Group's subsidiary Ferretti Security and Defence (FSD), and was initially unveiled in February 2016.

Baynunah Class Corvettes

In January 2004, the United Arab Emirates' Ministry of Defence in Abu Dhabi awarded a contract to Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding

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