A scaled model of FFC 15 was unveiled during the EURONAVAL 2016 exhibition. Credit: Baglietto Navy.
The MNI 15 patrol boat incorporates a deep-V bottom design. Credit: Baglietto Navy.
The patrol boats are designed to carry 24 infantry troops. Credit: Baglietto Navy.

The MNI 15 (Mezzo Navale Interforze – Interforce Naval Vessel 15) is a range of patrol boats offered by Baglietto Navy. It is designed to perform maritime patrol and troop transport missions.

Construction on the Fast Fighting Craft (FFC) 15 prototype, which is the first vessel variant of the MNI 15 series, began in March 2016.

A scaled model of the MNI 15 was exhibited at the EURONAVAL 2016 defence exhibition held in Paris, France, in October 2016. The fully developed boat was displayed at the SeaFuture 2018 held at La Spezia, Italy, in June 2018.

MNI 15 patrol boat design and features

The hull and superstructure of the patrol boat are made of 5083-H 128 aluminium alloy. The surface finish and design techniques used for construction make the vessel an ideal platform for marine applications.

The seakeeping characteristics and manoeuvrability of the vessel are further enhanced by the deep-V bottom design. The stealth profile of the superstructure also ensures maximum visibility and impact reduction.

The ship can accommodate a maximum of four crew members, along with 24 infantry troops. A watertight hull door located at the forward hull enables easy ingress and egress of troops.

The overall length of the patrol boat is 15.83m, while the length at the waterline is 12.98m. The beam, draft and depth of the ship are 3.6m, 0.85m and 2.70m, respectively. The full load displacement of the boat is 20t.

The vessel has a maximum fuel carrying capacity of 2,400l and freshwater carrying capacity of 450l.

MNI 15 variants

The MNI 15 is being developed in nine variants, which can be further customised to meet a range of mission requirements. The external design configuration of all the variants is identical, while the layout differs based on the functionality.

The variants of the MNI 15 series include an MNI Ambulance, landing craft, MNI Fire Rescue vessel, Coast Guard ship, Fast Fighting Craft, MNI Missiles, MNI Patrol, MNI Drone and Logistic ship.

The ambulance variant is designed to offer medical treatment to two patients. The landing craft variant features 18 outdoor seats, while the fire rescue vessel has two on-board long-range water cannons and other supporting equipment.

The coast guard variant has an in-built document control office, while the logistic variant is designed to carry a large container on board. The MNI Missiles version can launch a couple of ship-to-air missiles to engage targets within a 30km range. The MNI Drone is an unmanned vessel controlled autonomously using on-board computers.

Armament and survivability

The MNI patrol boat is equipped with Leonardo’s HITROLE 12.7mm naval turret, an advanced weapon system controlled by a remote control centre. It can also carry Marte MK2/2N anti-ship missiles on board. Two weapon mounts installed on the deckhouse can be equipped with high-calibre guns.

The patrol vessel can be optionally fitted with additional weapon mounts and systems. It can also offer protection against ballistic threats and nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) attacks.

Navigation and communications

The navigational requirements of the patrol vessel are served by a radar system with a range of 10nmi, global positioning system (GPS), night vision system, echo sounder, magnetic compass and remote-controlled searchlight.

The vessel features an advanced intercom communication system, radio communication equipment and very high-frequency (VHF) / high-frequency (HF) frequency modulation (FM) devices.

Propulsion and performance of MNI 15 patrol boat

The MNI 15 can be equipped with Waterjet, Stern Drive or Shaft Line propulsion systems. The FFC 15 patrol boat is powered by two MAN R6-800 engines and two HamiltonJet Waterjet propellers, which are best suitable for low river bottoms.

The maximum power production capacity of each engine is 588kW at 2,300rpm.

The patrol boat can travel at a maximum speed of 45k and cruise speed of 35k. It can achieve a maximum range of 330nmi at maximum speed.