The IV Sectoral Conference on Security in Ports, organised by the Borredá Foundation, together with the collaboration of the magazine Seguritecnia and Puertos del Estado, was held on 25 April in Madrid, Spain.

The conference aim of addressing both the changes in European regulation that affect port security as well as the harmonisation of the Critical Infrastructure system.

The conference is focused on new port security rules and normative and also on the protection of critical infrastructures. SAES supported the event and shown some solutions that complete the port security and surveillance systems such as the DDS-03 system.

The Conference on Port Security was supported by SAES, as a specialist company in underwater security and defence solutions. SAES has surveillance solutions that complete the security systems installed in ports, refineries and other coastal facilities.

These systems are also available for anchored ships. The DDS-03 sonar, which is specialised in the detection of divers automatically detects and alerts the presence of a threat, indicating its position in real time.

Axis Communications, Everis Aerospace, Defense and Security, Global Technology, Excem Group, Magal, Seguritecnia and Tecosa, are other companies that have collaborated this year in the event.