Trenton Systems has announced the launch of the small form factor (SFF) solution ION Mini PC.

The unit was designed for commercial, industrial and military applications. The Intel Core i-Series mini-ITX form factor workstation is ideal for small, embedded applications.

The lightweight Mini PC will be ideal for demanding applications in confined limited space. Trenton Systems Mini PC is designed and manufactured in the US.

With security threats on the rise, industrial, military and commercial companies would benefit from switching to the US-made devices.

Trenton’s new Mini PC is powered by Intel 8th / 9th-gen Coffee Lake / Coffee Lake-R central processing units (CPUs) with up to 35W thermal design power (TDP).

The partnership between Trenton and Intel benefits the customers who require high-performance products.

Trenton and Intel have a history of working together to provide high-quality Intel-powered solutions.

Trenton Systems marketing director Yazz Krdzalic said: “Trenton Systems heard the demands for a rugged Mini PC and quickly stepped up to tackle that need. The great thing about the Mini PC is that it is ideal for anyone that needs a powerful workstation to occupy limited space.

“In the case of ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’, you really cannot judge the Mini PC by its size alone. It will get the job done, and customers are going to really be blown away by how much space they can save while still fulfilling their day-to-day projects.”

The Mini PC is part of Trenton’s rugged product line. The company also provides a five-year product warranty and lifetime customer support, offered by Trenton engineers.

The Mini PC size offers a crucial advantage by having the processing power of a standard high-performance PC while occupying significantly less space.

Trenton Systems also offers a 45-day loaner program for the Mini PC. As part of the program, the customer can decide if the product meets their requirements without the need to purchase it.

The customers can also sign up for the exclusive VIP Mini PC email list. The members will be the first to access new product photos and videos, use early pricing opportunities, place early Mini PC enquiries through a Trenton engineer, view Mini PC updates, datasheets and revisions, as well as have the opportunity to give feedback.

The VIP Mini PC list will enable customers to follow and influence the creative process of the Trenton product.

Mini PC features these technical specifications:

  • Up to 8 cores and 16 threads for super-fast processing
  • ECC-registered and non-registered options to reduce cost and increase performance
  • 35W TDP that maintains a minimal thermal output

For 30 years, Trenton Systems has been a leader in the rugged computer industry. The company manufactures rugged servers, workstations, processor boards and PCIe backplanes.

As a trusted made-in-USA rugged computer manufacturer, Trenton specialises in designing products with the longevity of over 11 years.

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