The Aligner 221 will support the high-tech company Terma in their current and future naval projects by ensuring and verifying that weapons and sensors systems perform to their full potential.

The Aligner 221 is designed for evaluation of static and dynamic misalignments of guns. Installation is very fast and simple. No time-wasting adjustments are required before measuring, which is necessary with other boresight cameras. Just insert – and go! The camera is accurately self-aligned to the bore and fastened by an expanding mechanism in a few seconds.

A complete Aligner 221 system includes a Gun (boresight) Camera, a Gun (boresight) Adapter, a Gun Camera Cable, a Camera Interface Units and a portable PC.

Our Gun Camera Systems are available in different models for slightly different applications.

The Schill team are very proud to have been chosen to support Termas naval operations with our products. We hope that our system will contribute to the high quality of Termas deliveries and increase customer satisfaction even further.

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