The ScanServer has been deployed all over the world as a surveillance radar tracker and server with great success since 2013. We decided to bring it shipborne in 2016 and we are proud to present the ScanServer Dynamic, an all-weather radar processor and tracker for ships and other moving platforms.


  • Connects to any radar – analogue or digital
  • Automatically detects any target within radar range
  • Targets originating from dry land or islands are automatically suppressed
  • Adjustable agility
  • Distribute in a number of formats, including Asterix, JSON, NMEA, IVEF
  • Always running in the background, allows for instant data display if required
  • Highly scalable, runs on Windows, Linux, and Android on different hardware platforms
  • Suitable for remote-operated vehicles
  • Combine with the ScanView Fusion Server for AIS, ADS-B or other target sources

European Coast Guard replaces brand new equipment with ScanStreamers

The existing vendor did not have the capabilities required to filter and process the radar images.

Dspnor was contacted due to our extensive experience with challenging radar-processing problems.

The analogue output from multi-channel Doppler radars may pose a challenge to any display system due to the physics involved with beam steering and modulation. After a preliminary study, we added the required filters to the ScanStreamer FW.

Extremely long lead times for some components reported for 2018      

Our manufacturers report long lead times for certain components such as MOSFET’s, Flash, DDRx Ram, and Tantalum Capacitors. Rest assured that dspnor has allocated enough components for our planned production runs in 2018.