SAES has participated in the annual conference about P-3 maritime patrol aircraft (MPA).

The 31st annual P-3 International Operators Support Conference (IOSC) took place in Atlanta, Georgia, on 14-16 October.

SAES was exhibiting at booth #40 and also delivered a speech about the rigorous requirements needed to achieve success in MPA anti-submarine warfare (ASW) missions. ASW line manager Ignacio Gutiérrez delivered the speech on 16 October.

The speech ‘Hardcore requirement for MPA ASW Missions: The Mission Support Center’ addressed the effectiveness of a combined planning and mission optimisation process of the ASW mission to achieve its main objective – to detect and localise submarine threat.

Mission planning and optimisation is conducted by analysing submarine threats identified and classified as part of an Acoustic Intelligence Database (ACINT).

Improving mission planning would lead to military benefits. Military commanders would be provided with enhanced likelihood of achieving mission objectives through appropriate deployment of sensors and processing capabilities based on predicted sensor effectiveness.

Also, operators would benefit from more efficient detection, classification and identification of targets and collateral damage would be reduced through fewer target misidentifications.

The 31st annual P-3 IOSC conference is organised by Lockheed Martin. The event was held in conjunction with the Hercules C-130 Operators Conference (HOC) at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 14-17 with the same joint theme ‘Your mission is ours’.

This conference offers access to over 80 industry exhibitors, briefings on the C-130B-J, L-100 and LM-100J model aircraft, social events and networking opportunities to share operational, technical, modification and maintenance insights among Hercules and Orion owners / operators, service centres and suppliers.

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