SAES has participated in the second International Congress of Countermeasures of mine-laying II CICMM.

The event took place in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, on 4-6 November. More than 12 delegations from different countries, including Sweden, Italy and France, have attended the conference.

SAES specialises in underwater defence and naval mines. For this reason, it has been invited as an expert since the first congress in 2017.

SAES is one of the congress sponsors this year. The company has exhibited the features and capabilities of MINEA smart naval mines. They are one of the most advanced smart marine mines. The mines were designed for minesweeper crew training.

Knowing how an advanced smart mine works is essential to vessel safety. There are three models specifically designed for different depths and characteristics of shallow and deep waters, including moored mines, shallow-water mines and cylindrical-bottom mines.

The event has enabled participants and specialists to exchange information and knowledge, as well as visit companies’ stands to explore their products and services.

The program of conferences included speeches about Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV), remotely operated vehicles (ROV), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), robotics, nanotechnology and issues applied to the Naval Mine Warfare.

In the past, together with Navantia, the SAES participated in the Symposium of Naval Mine Warfare. The event offered lectures on intelligent naval mines and the acoustic, magnetic, electrical, seismic and pressure influencing firms that characterise ships.