The Rodman Polyships SAU Shipyards has finalised 2020 with new boat deliveries. In this case, the boats delivered were two Rodman 66 model units, which have been redesigned bearing in mind all the technical and operational requirements specified by the owner in order to best adapt to the use the boat will have at its final destination. The Rodman 66 is one of the most emblematic models of the Rodman Shipyard’s coastal surveillance patrol boats in the 20m segment. This time, the boat design has been adapted to the needs of the new owner, transforming it into a 20.5m overall length and 4.9m-wide training boat.

The boats have been designed to operate in coastal areas of Spain, mainly to teach ESENGRA students. A minimum active life cycle of 20 years has been taken into consideration for the development and construction of the boat, during which the necessary maintenance work is expected to be carried out to reach the foreseen activity period.

For the construction of the hull and deck, GRP fibres (fibreglass-reinforced polyester), Aramid and Kevlar with vinyl ester and isophthalic resins, approved for marine use, have been used. The vessels are equipped with two CATERPILLAR C18 diesel engines with 715 hp each, allowing the boats to reach a maximum speed of more than 20k. With a fuel capacity of 6,000l and an economic speed of 15k, it has been estimated that the boats will have a range of 500 miles.

The boats are ready for night operations and have been designed for a maximum of 16 crew members with cabins for all of them. The design and construction of these boats have fulfilled the procedure and quality standards established in the PECAL/AQAP 2110 certification, which incorporates Nato requirements for quality assurance in the construction of boats for the defence sector. During the Official Trials and delivery ceremony held at the Rodman Polyships, SAU facilities in Meira -Moaña, representatives from both Navantia and the Spanish Navy expressed their satisfaction with the boats and their performance, which they could verify during the official trials carried out prior to the delivery.

The delivery of this new model of patrol boat strengthens Rodman’s position as one of the world leaders in the building of professional GRP boats. Both professional and leisure boats built by the shipyard are renowned and highly regarded by the most demanding owners, as well as by Organisations and Government Administrations around the world.