Naval Davits

Five years ago, the German Navy chose Vestdavit PAPH-6000 davits for its frigates.

These davits comprise an advanced boat handling system with hydraulic painter boom, wave compensation, hydraulic shock absorbers, and docking head and the davit is computer-controlled for safe and efficient operation.

It safely launches and recovers an 8.5m rigid-inflatable boat (RIB) in sea state 6 with up to 15 persons on board.

Now it is time for a major overhaul. In accordance with the German Navy’s maintenance procedures, the davits are being taken off the ships, stripped down into pieces and everything that needs maintenance or replacement is dealt with in a controlled environment.

The eight davits involved will be rebuilt, tested and re-commissioned on board the frigates. This will guarantee flawless operation for the next five years.

The work is being carried out by Vestdavit’s service partner in Germany, Turbo Technik, with supervision from Vestdavit.

Vestdavit ervice manager Kristian Moss says: "This is very important preventive maintenance work we would like to see other customers perform. The work being done in Germany now will ensure safe operation of the boats in critical missions.

"Such a thorough approach provides Vestdavit with important feedback as we get to know which parts are worn and how the davit is looking after five years of constant hard use on board.

"There is some corrosion, wear of cylinder sealing and worn valves. All these parts will be replaced.

Two frigates each year will go through the process so this first job will speed all the rest."