DDS-03 Sonar Head

SAES is to provide Kazakhstan with its Diver Detection Sonar DDS-03, while an agreement has been signed to supply smart naval mines and range stations for signature measurement.

SAES and Kazakhstan’s Zenit shipyard have gone into contract for the purchase of a fourth Intruder Detection Sonar DDS-03 for defence ships. The contract was agreed in Uralsk, three years after the first deal involving this sonar was signed.

In 2014, SAES and Gydropribor Kazakhstan (which belongs to the Kazakshtan Engineering Group) signed a memorandum of cooperation for joint production and marketing of Diver Detection Sonars (DDS-03). This collaboration has resulted in the delivery of three systems and the procurement of a fourth one.

The system onboard Kazakhstani vessels has shown excellent results in tests carried out in the Caspian Sea, which is known for its unfavorable propagation profiles.

SAES general director Antonio Cordero said: "We customise our products to the requirements of our clients and we believe this is the basis of their trust in SAES."

The delivery of the new sonar is scheduled for next year and will be the fourth of a series that started in 2015. The first steps have been taken in order to supply more DDS-03 sonars for 2018.

SAES and Gydropribor will introduce MIRS and MINEA systems into Kazakhstan

SAES and Gydropribor have signed a protocol in order to introduce other SAES products and services into the country, specifically those related to the multi-influence signature measurement field (acoustic, electric, magnetic, seismic and pressure). The deal includes local manufacturing, engineering services and training for:

  • Multi-influence range station (MIRS) for underwater-ship-signature measurement.
  • Smart multi-influence naval mines (MINEA)

By means of this agreement, SAES strengthens its position as a reliable ally to cover the current and future needs in underwater security in Kazakhstan.

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