SAES – SA Electrónica Submarina, specialist in Underwater Electronics, is hosting a stand (Hall 2 – 204/G) at IDEF 2015 from May 5 to 8.

SAES will meet with Turkish authorities in order to promote their products and services and reach agreements. Multiple meetings with authorities of other countries in the region, as well as sector companies representatives are programmed in order to strengthen and increase the SAES presence in the Eurasian naval sector.

SAES, the company leader in Spain in underwater acoustics and electronics ,offers the most advanced technology in multiple areas: Sonar Systems, ASW, Sonobuoy Processing, Signature Intelligence, Multi-influence Naval Mines, Maritime and Coast Security and Simulation among other services.

Sonar Products area will be specially promoted together to other systems designed to integrate into the combat systems of submarines and surface platforms as Acoustic Classification system (SICLA), the Undersea Acoustic Performance Prediction System (SEAPROF) and Own Noise Monitoring System (ONMS).

Furthermore, in the sonar area but specially indicated for the coast surveillance and protection, SAES also will expose the Intruder Detection Sonar – DDS-03 (Diver Detection Sonar).

DDS-03 is a frequency active sonar specially designed for the detection of divers and underwater vehicles both manned and unmanned (SDV, ROV or UUV), and focused to improve the maritime surveillance systems since it can be integrated in any security system besides the stand alone function.

DDS-03 sonar constitutes the last generation of the SAES DDS sonars, which have been successfully verified and validated in a wide variety of operational environments as deployment from vessels and in harbour, presence of closed and open circuit divers, presence of swimmers, tidal effect exposure, etc.

For Antisubmarine Warfare, SAES has developed a complete family of Sonobuoy Acoustic Processing systems (SPAS) capable of process the most advanced analog and digital sonobuoys, as well as a complete ground support equipment as Classification System (SICLA-ASW), Fast time Analyzer (FTAS) and Tactical Acoustic Trainer (TAT).

In this area, the Remote operation ASW System (ROASW) highlights. It is a new Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) solution that provides a unique and fully integrated ship/air weapon system, initially designed to enhance and extend the ship acoustic sensors. The ROASW system receives, controls and monitories remotely the acoustic and tactical information from deployed resources as well as ground systems.

SAES also provides advanced technology in other naval areas:

  • Underwater signature measurement systems for surface ships and submarines. MIRS and DEWARS
  • Multi-influence naval mines. Exercise and combat versions
  • Simulation and Training. Tactical simulator for submarines. Sonar simulator / stimulator. Training systems for acoustic operators