Sustained low oil prices, changing safety rules and new vessel operating scenarios require more flexibility from Vestdavit’s boat handling systems than ever before. We believe our new identity captures the agility now required of marine equipment suppliers.

As the world’s leading provider of safe and efficient davits, our response needs to be coherent and strategic, rather than tactical, which is why we decided to renew our visual identity and branding.

"Our company name is unchanged, as is our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. But our logo and identity is a brand new reflection of our values, safe, innovative and reliable," explains Rolf Andreas Wigand, Vestdavit managing director.

"Our identity is bolder, brighter and more impactful than before, and we hope this is will also be reflected in our business actions. The competitive landscape is changing faster than ever, and this puts new demands on us as a company."

Evidence of the Vestdavit response can be found at our relaunched website, which includes a 3D drawing tool to visualise davit solutions. We have also developed a series of new product guides and videos outlining our latest developments, which can all be seen on the new website.

For those preferring physical, rather than virtual evidence of change, this issue of the Vestdavit Newsletter includes a report on the first delivery of MissionEase, our new multi-boat handling system for Mission Bays, which works safely even when the ship is in motion.

By renewing the Vestdavit ‘safe boat handling for life’ promise, our rebranding reflects the fact that willingness to change is a lifelong necessity.