June PR

The SAES Multi Influence Range System (MIRS) for surface vessels and submarines provides real influence measures (magnetic, electric, pressure, acoustic, and seismic) in a real and controlled scenario, to successfully counter related threats.

MIRS is among the best systems in the world in its class and compared to fixed stations. A decisive advantage of MIRS system is that, due to its portability, low weight, low power consumption and high performance, it can obtain all signatures of the ship in different geographical locations.

MIRS is also a tool for testing and calibration of:

  • Systems developed to reduce those influences as degaussing systems, ASG, etc.
  • Systems developed for Mine counter measure (MCM) vessels, such as the mine sweeping systems.

MIRS has been primarily designed using Commercial Off The Self (COTS) components for maximum reliability at minimum cost.

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