Navantia has signed a contract with DMO for the RRDS (Risk Reduction Design Study) regarding the SEA 5000 programme for the new frigates.

Francisco Barón, director of Navantia Australia and Paddy Fritzpatrick, director of DMO Naval Programmes, both signed the contract at the DMO offices in Canberra on 23 October. The management and co-ordination of the activities within this contract will take place in Navantia’s offices in Adelaide, which have recently opened.

The contract, which will last approximately nine months, intends to analyze the impact of the installation of CEA Australian aerial radar. It will also examine the affect of the SAAB command and control system on Navantia’s F-105 frigate, as well as the achievement of specific Australian requirements.

Is the first step of the programme which is based on the acquisition of future frigates for the Royal Australian Navy. This includes the construction of eight units in Australia.

The Australian Government will build the ships in Adelaide, where the Air Warfare Destroyer are being constrcuted. Navantia will aide with the design, which is based on the F-100 frigates and transfer of technology. It is very important to highlight the communality of systems and equipments with other ships of the Royal Australian Navy. This is great added value for Navantia when bidding in other programmes.

The programme is important for Navantia, due to its complexity and volume and means an important support from the Australian Government to the firm’s capabilities. It will provide Avantia with a significant level of activity, as well as the opportunity to develop other internationally attractive designs based on the F-100 frigates.