Eurotorp today announced that the delivery of its 200th lightweight MU90 torpedo for the French Navy has been accepted by the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA). This delivery marks another key milestone in the contract awarded to Eurotorp for the
delivery of several hundred of torpedoes to the French and Italian navies.

The MU90 equips F70 and Horizon frigates, ATL-2 Maritime Patrol Aircraft and Lynx helicopters. It will soon be fitted on board FREMM frigates and NH90 helicopters for both the French and Italian Forces. The MU90 has also enjoyed significant export success with several hundred torpedoes ordered by navies across the world.

It has already entered into service with German, Danish and Polish navies and has been accepted by the Commonwealth of Australia (CoA) where the torpedo is undergoing acceptance into service. Designed and built with the most advanced technologies, the MU90 is a fire-and-forget weapon conceived to counter any submarine threat, conventional or nuclear, whatever the environment and the
scenario. It can be deployed in deep waters as easily as in shallow waters below 25m. The MU90 is powered through a closed-loop Aluminum–Silver Oxide sea water battery giving more autonomy, increased performance and improved safety. It is equipped with a fully insensitive directed energy shaped charge warhead proven to penetrate double hulled large submarines, and contains latest
generation “mission software”.