Singapore diving contractor Seatrax Singapore has contracted with subsea specialist Sub-Atlantic Asia Pacific to further strengthen its subsea services capability with their first electric work class ROV.

The Comanche was chosen for its reliability, high power to weight ratio, hydraulic systems and to carry out work class tasks such as torque tool operations, drill support and survey projects. The Comanche ROV system has been ordered as a Zone 2 certified unit which will compliment Seatrax Singapore’s operational capability in the drilling / intervention support and construction market.

The contract will see Sub-Atlantic supply a Zone 2 certified, 2,000m rated Comanche System with a delivery schedule that aligns with Seatrax Singapore’s growing contract awards in the Asia Pacific region. The delivery time from contract to acceptance is less than four months, with delivery planned for December 2010.

The system is equipped with a 3,000m rated LARS, Type 3B TMS with 600m of tether, hydraulic power pack, Orion 7 and 4 function manipulators, survey sensors, multiple camera and sensor interfaces and additional payload upgrade. The Comanche electric work class ROV system will allow Seatrax Singapore to offer their clients the best in class technology, high power, tooling intervention, hazardous working area certified and all in a package that requires far less deck space than the traditional and less capable drill support ROVs.

Sub-Atlantic, part of Aberdeen-based Triton Group, will provide interface and installation service from its Asia Pacific base in Singapore. Immediately following delivery, the ROV will be set up in the Sub-Atlantic Asia Pacific base to perform client trials and testing of torque tools before being deployed between Seatrax Singapore’s existing and newly awarded projects.

Triton’s regional director for Asia Pacific, Bruce Lokay said: “We are delighted that Seatrax Singapore have chosen Sub-Atlantic for their first electric work class ROV. Sub-Atlantic’s strategy of providing dedicated support capabilities in the Australasian region was one of the key deciding factors for Seatrax Singapore. Our global clients are demonstrating very clearly that local support and service are a significant factor in their asset strategy.”

Seatrax Singapore managing director, Mr. Yazid Ramli, said: “We’re extremely glad for tying up a contract with Sub-Atlantic since we’ve got great reviews of their electric work class ROV. Their deep support of our awarded projects strengthens our capabilities to provide excellent services to our clients. As well the excitement to use the high powered Comanche overwhelms us.”

Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, Triton is an international subsea company offering a range of control system based products and systems with complementary services. Products include the widest range of market leading electric and hydraulic ROVs for inspection, survey and light intervention applications, through to deepwater heavy construction.

The Group also offers a comprehensive range of ancillary remote intervention products and tooling systems as well as operational services such as training programmes, offshore personnel recruitment, equipment rentals, management and servicing, geosciences project management and data analysis, seabed geotechnical coring as well as software products and services in physics based simulation and 3D visualization, digital video editing and data management applications.