Bath-based BMT Defence Services, a subsidiary of BMT Group, the leading international maritime design, engineering and risk management consultancy, has been awarded first-class status in the best companies survey of employees, marking it out as a leading company in the country, and a place where people enjoy working. The company has offices in Bath and Weymouth providing highly specialised design and engineering consultancy for the Ministry of Defence and many other clients.

Managing Director Muir Macdonald said, “I wanted to see what our people like and dislike about working for BMT and to benchmark ourselves against some of the best in the nation. It’s great to learn that we rank alongside names such as Microsoft, KPMG, and Kellogg UK as well as getting an impartial view of where we can improve”. BMT Defence Services was established in Bath twenty-one years ago supporting the admiralty, then based in Bath, and has since expanded its work more widely and overseas. Modelled on the John Lewis partnership, BMT Group is an employee benefit trust, the profits being distributed among the employees as well as funding original research and development. “This ensures we retain an excellent working ethos as well as offering genuine independence for our clients”, said Mr Macdonald.

BMT’s work continues in some very exciting projects despite the difficulties in the economy and in the defence budget. “BMT’s proven track record in delivering innovative but robust design solutions has ensured its continued involvement in priority projects” says Mr Macdonald. “We’re delighted that the casualty treatment ship RFA Argus went back to sea on time earlier this year after a massive refit to improve the ship’s safety, helicopter and casualty facilities, all designed by BMT in partnership with the repair yard at A&P Falmouth. We’ve also recently welcomed back our team from managing the trials on a new mine-clearance vehicle for the Army that is now operational in Afghanistan.

And we’re enjoying playing our part turning swords into ploughshares as we take our work on electric warship propulsion and develop it to make commercial shipping much more fuel efficient and greener.”