Microwave Photonic Systems (MPS) of West Chester, PA, US, is pleased to announce the release of its newest line of wideband, low noise, RF photonic fixed delay lines.

The MPS RF and microwave photonic delay line product family includes the MP-5000-DL and the MP-6000-DL. This product family supports fixed delays over frequency ranges from 100MHz up to 20GHz. The MP-5000-DL and MP-6000-DL are packaged in a compact, flange mount, self-contained enclosure.

Front-panel LEDs provide a visual indication of the DC and optical power alarm status. The RF input and RF output ports are both SMA-female 50Ω connectors and are positioned on opposite ends of the front panel. The delay line input power requirements are +12VDC to +15VDC and are supplied via a front-panel DB-9 connector.

The Microwave Photonic Systems MP-5000-DL and MP-6000-DL compact form factor can provide up to 12µsec delays within 1% accuracy of the customer-specified fixed delay. Applications include radar target simulation, signal processing and phase noise testing. Custom packaging options available including a 1U rack-mountable chassis solution.