MaxVision LLC has unveiled a stimulus package to help military, first responders and other customers lower their costs toward purchases of advanced, rugged computers for video encoding, geospatial analysis and other extreme environment deployments.

MaxVision specialises in the development and manufacturing of the fastest rugged portable computers in the industry, enabling them to operate in 0° Celsius to 50° Celsius temperature ranges, handle transportation shocks or drops and eliminate dust or fine desert sand intrusions.

Bruce Imsand, MaxVision’s founder and CEO, said: “We know our customers have increased demands for the highest performance, rugged computer workstations and servers, even though the economic downturn has affected their ability to procure them. But many federal and state government entities don’t benefit from the stimulus and budget packages created.”

The MaxVision stimulus package is available to customers who order and receive products between 16 April and 30 June this year. Other restrictions apply. For details about the MaxVision stimulus package, visit the company’s website.