EMDigital has successfully launched its latest product range, the next–generation WS 30 advanced weapon fire control system, specially designed, developed and extensively tested for operations in one of the world’s longest lasting and most recent conflict zones for use in patrol boats and fast attack crafts.

This light weight stabilized weapon system incorporates unique features and is designed to operate as the main weapon system for Fast Attack Crafts (FACs) and small boats or serving as a secondary weapon system for larger offshore patrol vessels.

The complete WS 30 system includes a fully stabilized remotely controlled weapon station with a gun mount, fire control system with ballistic computing, advanced object tracker and a sighting system. It has many groundbreaking unique features including:

  • Higher stability and aiming accuracy via in-built fibre optic gyros and a state-of-the-art advanced control system
  • Enhanced operational arcs and high firing rates of the weapon to provide surface-to-air attacking capabilities
  • High stability and accuracy without a third party observational system, a unique feature when compared with other weapon systems
  • Modular standalone units to permit upgrades at low cost
  • Light weight compact structure
  • Modularized Human-Machine Interface provides minimum footprint and ergonomic operations of the system
  • Flexibility to accept a range of medium calibre weapons
  • Integration of advanced Electro-Optical sensors, full-TV (640x 512)
    Medium Wave continuous zoom night camera, AHRS and radar equipment

EMDigital is an ISO 9001:2008 certified defence engineering and original equipment manufacturing company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. We have developed cutting edge technology in collaboration with a number of navies around the world including the UK Royal Navy.