MilsMachine is a mobile communication terminal for the perfectly protected exchange of messages in various communication networks.

Based on a fully rugged hardware platform with hardened operating system and a tamper- proof hardware security module (MilsCard), the MilsMachine guarantees the highest possible security level for your sensitive information.

The integrated MilsMessage application provides secure and reliable message exchange in MilsMessage-based communication networks. This makes the MilsMachine suitable for use in various fields of application, including military, governmental and diplomatic areas.


  • The MilsMessage application software from mils electronic. MilsMessage can be considered as a proprietary e-mail client that provides features like convenient multi-file message handling and message transmission via any SMTP/POP3 messaging system. Additionally, MilsMessage provides message output to files, thus allowing message exchange by using 3rd party applications.
  • MilsCard is a cryptographic security module, implemented as a USB device or a PC-Card. It provides secure storage of cryptographic keys and the execution of cryptographic algorithms in a protected environment.
  • A fully rugged, lightweight notebook PC, designed using MIL-STD-810F. The notebook is resistant to moisture, dust, vibration and drop shock. For network access and message communication, 10/100T Ethernet LAN, wireless LAN and a 56k V92 PSTN modem are provided.
  • A hardened Windows XP operating system that prevents intrusion attacks and the installation of mal-ware.

Features and Benefits

  • MilsMachine protects your sensitive messages at the highest possible level by applying the ‘Mils Cipher Technology Level II’, including the unbreakable One Time Key encryption method and the cryptographic security module MilsCard.
  • MilsMachine employs the easy-to-use MilsMessage application and provides you with complete message management functionality, including multi-file editor, message classification and encrypted storage and archive functions.
  • MilsMachine is based on a fully rugged MIL-STD-810F notebook PC that guarantees high availability even in the harshest environments.
  • Realized as a fixed function device, MilsMachine delivers optimum cost / benefit ratio by providing easy operation and maintenance.
  • Due to its compact design, the MilsMachine is perfectly suited for stationary as well as mobile (man pack, vehicular, shipborne, airborne) use.
  • MilsMachine can easily be integrated into your communication networks by supporting access to all popular telecommunication services.
  • MilsMachine guarantees fail-safe operation by providing full protection against intrusion attacks and mal-ware.
  • The access to the MilsMachine is protected by a two-factor access control. Additionally, your secret messages, cryptographic keys and algorithms are perfectly protected by the MilsCard.
  • MilsMachine can be tailored to meet your specific demands. mils electronic offers adaptations for the MilsMessage application, the supported telecommunication services, the cryptographic algorithms and the hardware used.


  • Hardware: Fully rugged notebook PC, magnesium alloy case, daylight readable display, MIL-STD-810F. Moisture, dust, vibration and shock resistant.
  • Messaging Application: MilsMessage, mils electronics’ complete messaging solution, running on a hardened Windows XP operating system.
  • Cryptographic Details: Data encryption at a rate of up to 7 Mbit/sec. Key length 4,736 bits (4.7 x 101425 possible presettings). Cycle length from 1.7 x 1038 up to 1.3 x 1083.