Navantia has been selected in the bidding process conducted by the US Government for the repair and maintenance of the Arleigh Burke-Class Destroyers (DDGs) and other US Navy ships deployed at the Naval Station Rota (Cádiz).

This agreement, which will run until January 2028, will amount to a maximum of 822.4m and is expected to create more than 1,000 direct jobs per year.

Navantia has strengthened its position as main maintainer of the US Navy in Rota, a role it has been fulfilling since 2013. The contract is extensive in terms of manpower with a high level of technical requirements and strict deadlines.

The contract is thus an important source of wealth and training, both for Navantia and for partner companies in the area of the Bay of Cadiz. It will also lead to improvements in internal processes, which will subsequently help at improving the company’s capabilities in the context of the global defence market.