Rubicon Associates, a Melbourne-based engineering specialist advisory consultancy company, is pleased to announce that it has entered a Mutual Cooperation Agreement with L2S Engineering, a commercial organisation specialising in marine refit, upgrades and modernisation programmes with a presence in WA, SA, and NT.

Both Rubicon Associates and L2S Engineering have a strong focus on effective and innovative technical solutions with extensive experience in defence shipbuilding and commercial marine industries. As such, it is strongly believed that by joining expertise and skills, both companies and more importantly customers will greatly benefit from an enhanced platform providing exceptional technical and commercial solutions, tailored to specific customers’ needs.

Rubicon Associates will contribute its vast expertise in engineering, project management, and contract management services in defence and commercial shipbuilding sectors, while L2S Engineering will provide technical and commercial solutions in interior marine refits, fabrication, sheet metal, industrial insulation and electrical services for the defence and commercial marine industries.

Rubicon Associates director Mr Goran Dubljevic said: “We are very excited about the future co-operation of Rubicon Associates and L2S Engineering as both companies will benefit from mutual co-operation that will result in enhancement of our existing capabilities and experiences and provision of turnkey solutions to our clients and our selected markets.

“In my opinion, benefits of working together for both companies are numerous and not only from the BD and marketing perspective but from technical / manufacturing product range perspective as well.”